Wenzhe XU

What would be on your dirty playlist?
I guess some Eminem?

What are you wear­ing?
Shorts. (It is too hot in my apart­ment. They only al­low us to open the win­dow a lit­tle bit for safety rea­sons… And this is why I don’t open my cam­era when I have on­line class. LOL.)

A Desert Island Discs riff: what book / ob­ject would you take with you?
Maybe a lighter? At least I can have some fire to cook and be warm at night?

What have you heard that you should­n’t have?
Some in­ter­est­ing sounds at mid­night from a cou­ple close to my room… They sound like they are hav­ing fun. Not re­ally sure what is hap­pen­ing.

What have you seen that you wish you had­n’t?
How a tur­tle was eaten by a croc­o­dile… Please don’t search for it! It is ter­ri­ble!!!

What do you like?
WingWing chicken wing!

What do you re­ally like?
Two boxes of WingWing chicken wings!!! There is a store right next to my apart­ment and I can’t be­lieve I never tried them un­til last week. (And I will eat as many as I can be­fore I move to an­other apart­ment next term.)

Spread a favourite ru­mour?
The re­la­tion­ship be­tween 5G and COVID-19.

Right now, what can you smell?
My din­ner! Braised pork rice! I try to use beer to cook this time. It is one of the best de­ci­sions I have ever made.

Tell us a dirty thought.
Get some pi­rate PS4 games…