Taylor Davies-King

What would be on your dirty playlist?
It would have to be some­thing ex­tremely ten­der and sex­ual. My top 5, (in no par­tic­u­lar or­der) would be: Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye, Adorn by Miguel, I know what you want by Busta Rhymes ft Mariah Carey & Flipmode squad, Clubbin by Marques Houston and What you want by Mase ft Total.

What are you wear­ing?
Nothing. It is 24 de­grees right now and with clothes on, it makes it im­pos­si­ble to sleep. This has al­ways been my pre­ferred choice any­way.

A Desert Island Discs riff: what book / ob­ject would you take with you?
This may be a cheat an­swer but I would have to say a note­book/​pen combo… you know, the kind you’d get gifted from that one fam­ily friend that you’ve never met at Christmas, yeah that! Somewhere along the line I’d want to be able to write. Crap mostly, but some­times po­etry; a place to dump the in­ner work­ings/​queries of my ever-mov­ing mind.

What have you heard that you should­n’t have?
That a close friend of mine was get­ting cheated on.

What have you seen that you wish you had­n’t?
Finding some­one who I care about and was falling in love with on a dat­ing app.

What do you like?
Spending time ed­u­cat­ing my­self. Nothing quite beats the feel­ing that you’re ex­pand­ing the realms of your brain to help bet­ter the world. Empowering, ex­cit­ing and sexy too, right?

What do you re­ally like?
Spending time in na­ture, it’s the only place I feel at ease; where my mind, body and soul don’t have to be com­pro­mised.

Spread a favourite ru­mour?
The sculp­ture de­part­ment at the RCA is ex­pand­ing the size of their stu­dios.

Right now, what can you smell?
The scent of my soy salted caramel can­dle burn­ing be­side my bed mixed with the smell of ba­nana, choco­late chip cakes that my mum is cur­rently bak­ing down­stairs.

Tell us a dirty thought.
The gen­tle fric­tion of your hand on my thigh is enough to strike a match in­side me.