Jeremy Millar

What would be on your dirty playlist?
Gett Off by Prince, and the Liebestod from Tristan und Isolde.

What are you wear­ing?
Lilac py­ja­mas, and a weary air, as per.

A Desert Island Discs riff: what book / ob­ject would you take with you?
The King James Bible, in the mar­gins of which I’d write ho­mo­erotic son­nets about George Villiers us­ing only phrases to be found therein. A knife would be handy, al­though not nec­es­sar­ily for that, and not to start with.

What have you heard that you should­n’t have?

What have you seen that you wish you had­n’t?
Just how easy it can be some­times.

What do you like?
What have you got?

What do you re­ally like?
But re­ally, what have you got?

Spread a favourite ru­mour?
It’ll be fine.

Right now, what can you smell?
Night, warm dust, and al­co­hol wipes.

Tell us a dirty thought.
Recipe for Histoire de l’oeil
Melt some but­ter in a fry­ing pan; crack in two eggs, and break the yolk gen­tly. Splash in some Worcestershire Sauce. Fry un­til the white whitens, and then turn over. In the mean­time, but­ter two slices of soft white bread. When the eggs are fried to your lik­ing, place on one slice of bread, and then put the other on top, press­ing softly. Melt some more but­ter, and then place the sand­wich into the pan, press­ing gen­tly with your spat­ula, and fry­ing both sides un­til golden-brown. Consume with a hang­over.