by Paola Estrella
who am I having breakfast with?
I can’t tell, but I bet he’s still connected and completely immersed in this secret mission
That’s when he sends his double, well actually the company does
I like the double,
the conversation with him is not that deep and he definitely loves me less, but he’s still extremely curious.
curiosity is something I care about when it comes to hanging out with someone,
at least I know that…
I don’t know if there´s one, two or three copies of him,
but I know, I know that he’s not always the same person,
how do I know that,
I don’t know...It’s just like intuition maybe...
I think he’s a CYBER-ASTRONAUT, but instead of going to SPACE, he goes to this other DIMENSION
where he explores, pleasure, mission, he dives into secrets…
sometimes with some of them I miss a part of him,
but I find it interesting that there are all these other versions I can exchange and make love with.
the original one is definitely the one I connect with more, like in a deeper level,
I mean I respect his decision to take part in this project and the fact that he can’t tell me about it
because I realize that…
we’ve all got our inner worlds,
I have my inner world…
sometimes I’m physically here but at the same time I am totally diving into my inner world
I guess it’s the same in a sense, with this CYBER-ASTRONAUT MISSION.
Paola Estrella is studying an MA in Contemporary Practice at the Royal College of Art. Through her work, she dives into the blurred limits between the real and the imagined, the external and the internal world, and the public and the private, as she conveys how these impact and shape social conventions, gender roles, identity and our notion of reality. Estrella’s multi-media practice combines mixed media and performance, video, and installation. @py_star