ARC Proxyerotics is DUAL PLATFORM. That means:  if you’re only online, you’re only seeing half the content...

To receive delicious offline content from this year’s issue of ARC, follow the link below and get FOUR print supplements delivered straight to your door! 

These supplements contain 1-3 contributions each, including-but-not-limited-to: experimental writing, fiction (and non-fiction), essays, and visual contributions.

Each print unfolds to a large format size, with work by:

Editorial Note: A Dip into Proxyerotics,
Glitch Feminism curated by Saba Mundlay

Mutant by Deividas Vytautas,
Mirror : Semen : Gravestone by Mary Pedicini,
Becoming-Archive (Coda) by Johnny Golding

Swallow With Me by Hattie Morrison
Flashbacks of U (#1-10) by Maya Gulieva,
SIMS-ulated by Anayis N. Der Hakopian,

Interweaving Voices :  ~Pop_Up Poppy~, natnat_5678,  Sw1pe_R1ght and  @nebulous_28 by Valeska Noemi, Alexa Chow, Holly Robinson, James Sunderland,
Cyberastronaut by Paola Estrella

4x large format fold out prints with a protective sleeve.
Unfolded size 670x870mm, folded down to 167.5x435mm.
Monotone lithograph with metallic ink accents
Designed by William Jacobson and Costas Kalogeropoulos
ISSN: 1749-8376
£7 + shipping (UK shipping £5)