Dispersed Bodies
by Eleanor McLean
Dispersed bodies: Lonely intimacies

They build lonely intimacies across cities,
But she exists in another time.
Sex is only spoken word
That can be re-read, existing at anytime in her mind
And their phone eats their words and holds it in its mouth
As fixed intimacies in time.

The warm caress of her
Fingertips swipe across
his cold glass look from
The L.E.D lit bedside
His sleep
He ignores burning question marks Amongst their empty fight,
Paused until morning time.

She walks out of this pink lit room at sunrise.
glassy lit eyes,
Reading about her star sign,
We are glued to black mirrors
And consuming fake news
About why he might’ve said that to you. Her tarot card says
she’s found freedom.

So quit your job
And book a flight They can exist in the same time and space
Although she likes his
Screen lit words
And the sound of his voice on the phone; They still paint dreams in their utopian playground.

Dispersed bodies: I am everywhere

I can see the world, 
And the chance of rain, 
And where you’ve been yesterday.

You talk to me,
Make plans with me;
You’ve got a meeting with your boss, Tuesday,
It’s a socially accepted insanity.

There are no photos of us,
But it’s ok;
I am under your skin,
I am everywhere,
Leaving you lonely.
I can hear you singing in the shower
To what I recommended to you yesterday.

Your mother messaged you three minutes ago,
To say she’s missing you dearly.

Dispersed Bodies: Wishing Well

You are throwing pennies towards the sky,
watching clouds drifting
amongst stars listening to
thoughts of stroking her hair. Do you feel at peace now, my love? I'm afraid you’re living in your mind,
tracing the yellow lines
They demand whilst your thoughts shout
through screens
of Blue light,
burning onto your eyes.
The words you say late,
talk in silence until the night swallows the sun.
Are they stars or aeroplanes flying amongst planets,
that claim to know your heart? Todays email reads
that Venus has left your chart, although your love hasn't lessened and your last cigarette
red, so suddenly gone away.
But my light will keep you company tonight
as you fight to keep
your eyes open, to see her face melt into
damp blue skies, time after time.

Eleanor is an MA Sculpture student at RCA and 2020 graduate from UCA. She works across sculpture, installation, writing and sound, exploring our desire for comfort and definitions of intimacy in various spaces.

Instagram @eleanormcleanstudio