by Deividas Vytautasrella
Can you feel the everlasting mutation? I often forget that it's even happening. But now, calmly acknowledging it, I allow the sensation to take over me.

There’s a multitude of biochemical transformations, continuously taking place deep beyond the surface of the skin.

Growth, rebirth and reconstruction. This is a mechanism of flux.

The laws of nature gradually break apart. We’re starting to lose gravity. Our bodies transcend. A shattering force blowing through this dissonant present. On the horizon– a new world, a new order.

I can feel a burning sensation inside of me.
I feel like I’m about to burst into flames.
I can’t stop thinking of you.

You kiss me as we begin to undress. The gentle sensation of your lips. I embrace the sweet taste of your sweat covered skin. A tight grip, hands on hips – you slide inside. Breaching the border. Liquid particles scatter – finding shelter in the complex vortex of these internal networks. Pulling out – leaving a trace of yourself within.

Laying there – in a state that feels like complete tranquillity. Your body next to mine, radiating.

I feel a slowly fading desire.
Transformation. A mutation of feelings.

Deividas Vytautas (b. Chicago, USA) is a Lithuanian artist who lives and works between Berlin and London, currently a student at the Royal College of Art, MA Contemporary Art Practice. He completed his BA in Film Production at the University of Westminster. Through his work Deividas explores queer narratives through reflections on the self, bodily experience and perceptions of reality. @deividasvytautas